Orange Range – Asterisk

Back again with a new release. You all may know the song from the opening to bleach. I hope you all like all the work I put in to the video and happy downloading guys

Watch/Download Orange Range – Asterisk

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M-Flo Loves BoA – The Love Bug

Back again with one more Releases! M-Flo Loves BoA – The Love Bug. Like all way you can watch and download the video over on JMusic World veoh profile.

Watch/Download M-Flo Loves BoA – The Love Bug

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BoA – Be The One

Yo. Next release is here and ready to be watch and downloaded. Hope you like it and let us know what you think.

Donwload/Watch BoA – Be The One

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Project Update!

We’re now going to be subing some BoA music video’s for you guys. BoA has released a total of ten full-length albums, three mini-albums, two compilation albums, two remix albums, and over thirty singles in total in both Japan and South Korea. Sold in many parts of Asia, Kwon’s records have passed ten-million copies. So look like we got alot to work with. Don’t for get like all way let me know what you want sub and I will do it.

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Frist Release: Yui – Rollingstar

Hey guys. Got kick ass new for you. We have just released the PV to Yui Rollingstar. You all may know the song, from being one of the opening to the bleach anime. You can watch and download the music video by going right here. Head up to I get a BT page or a server, you can only download the releases over on Veoh. Well hope you all enjoy the video and let us know what you think.

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Wlecome to JMusic World Fansubs

Wlecome to JMusic World Fansubs Home Page. My name is Kusyo and I am the boss here at JMusic World Fansubs with my good friend Bernadette. You maybe asking what is JMusic World Fansubs? Well JMusic World Fansubs is a new fansubs group made to fansubs japan music video. (PV) We’re trying to sub some of the new and old music that is coming out of the land of the rising sun. If you have any video that you like to see sub send me a email at We’re Subbing for you, So you need to have a say in what being sub. I hope you’re will like the releases we got coming up and if you want to help out in anyway just let us know.

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