UVERworld – D-tecnoLife

Hey Hey. A little bit ago we got a request to sub a little song that alot of you anime fans may know. Opening two to bleach, “UVERworld – D-tecnoLife” and with alot of work. We give you the pv for UVERworld – D-tecnoLife

Watch/Download UVERworld – D-tecnoLife43654.jpg

PS: All video’s can be seen on YouTube

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JAM Project – Savior in the Dark “Garo Version”

Back again. Okay, it not really a PV but it is a music video done by JAM Project for the Garo TV show. If you have not seen Garo I really think you need too. It a really good show. Anyway, Hope you all like it and hope you all like how the sub look. They was my 1st .xml code I have ever made >_>

Watch/Download JAM Project – Savior in the Dark “Garo Version”

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Kotoko – Sakuranbo Kiss

Yo. I am back again with a new release. Tonight going to be a good news for releases. I give you Kotoko Sakuranbo Kiss right now and two more video’s to come very soon. You can download and watch Kotoko Sakuranbo Kiss PV right Here.

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Forum Is Now Open!

Hey guys, Just here to let you all know that the Forum is now open and ready to be use. I hope you all well come and join and have alot of fun. All you got to do is go right Here and register. Well what are you waiting for? Go post away. ^_^

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