An Cafe – Kakusei Heroism

Okay, I’ll just like to say right off. I have been up all night working on 3 new videos. So if my writing skill get a little bad here you will know why. Okay back to the release. Here is a little video that Chikara did befor join JMW but all fix up. I re-done the look of the sub and fix some little thing here and there. anyway I give you the 1st release that me and Chikara work together on, An Cafe – Kakusei Heroism (The Hero Without A Name)

Download/Watch An Cafe – Kakusei Heroism
Here I’ll come my bed

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Yui – Rollingstar “V.2”

Hey guys back again with sometime a little old >_>. Okay well, as you may know Yui: Rollingstar was JMusic World 1st release and we all know how bad the sub look. well I have came a long way and now know how to sub something right and so by doing that I feel like it my job (b/c it is lol) to re-sub some of the old videos that just look like shit. So I give you the re-done Yui: Rollingstar with Romaji added too.
Download/Watch Yui – Rollingstar “V.2”

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Welcome Chikara

Hey everyone got some good news for you all. We have a new helper in town. I like for you all to welcome her with open arms. You may know her as Chikara31 over on YouTube. She have done some kick ass job on English and German Subs. She will be doing Timer, Typesetter, Encoder and Translator on some video and we be working together on videos too. So more video’s to come and the army of one is now a army of two! hahaha

Kusyo ~ Out

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Okay Some Alittle Fun

Ya what can I say I got bored. I had the timing code still on my PC for LM.C – Boys And Girls. So, I’ll have been a fan of KirbyAngel videos on YouTube for some time now…. What? What not to like about a hot girl sing along to jpop… okay anyway. She did a little video to boys and girls and well I took 5 mins of my time and time it up with the sub I already did. So I give to you KirbyAngel – – Boys And Girls

PS: The video is on my Youtube profile not the youtube for JMW. So let me know if you want to give the video a download and I will upload it for you.

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Olivia – Spiderspins

Here we go again. More PVs just for you guys. Today I got a little music video call Spiderspins by Olivia. uh… I’ll just got up so I am not really in the mood to talk anymore. So like all way you can download the video over on veoh and let me know what you think of the subbing job. I am now using VideoSpin.

Watch/Download Olivia – Spiderspins

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Updated Download Page

Just letting you all know I have been doing alittle work here and there on the site. I have updated the download page. Now you can see link to where you can download the video and links to all the site’s like youtube and yahoo video, where you can watch all the video and now you can see jpgs of all the video and see the post about the video. Well happy download and more fun stuff to come.
Kusyo ~ Out

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Anna Tsuchiya – Rose

Yo Yo all my homeys… uh… I’ll don’t know where that came from… but anyway. I am back again with some more news releases for you all. Do you like Shojo anime? did you watch the NaNa anime? well if so, I’ll got something you may know. Anna Tsuchiya – Rose or you may know it as the opening to the NaNa anime and if not it is a cool little rock pop song about love. You can give the PV a download over on or give it a watch over on Youtube. So to next time rock on my friends!

Download/Watch Anna Tsuchiya – Rose

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LM.C – Boys And Girls

Yo lovely ppl. I am back again with something new and something I been working off and on, on for some time now. LM.C: Boys And Girls. Like all way you can get your hands on it over on the JMWF veoh profile and soon up on the download page. More videos to come very soon.

Watch/Download LM.C – Boys And Girls

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Yui – GoodBye Days

Hey guys back again with some more Yui. I for one love Yui and can have her all day long… uh… that did not come out right… uh… anyway, What I have for you today is one of like 8 PV’s for goodbye days. Goodbye Days was written for film Yui star in by the name Taiyou No Uta (Midnight Sun) If you want to give the movie a download, You can get you hands on it right Here (Heads up, It is sub but the timing is a bit off but hey it get the job done and the movie is 1.38 GB)

Goodbye days by far is her highest selling single at 200,000 copies sold. So what you waiting for? give it download and cry with the movie.

Download/Watch Yui – GoodBye Days
An uncool kindness is at my side

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Ayumi Masaki – Game

Hey guys. I am back again whit some jpop/rock fun. Here is a cool ass video by Ayumi Masaki entitle “Game.” You can download the video by going to JMW Veoh page and very soon on the download page. Well happy downloading and like all way let us know how you like it.

Kusyo ~ out

Download/Watch Ayumi Masaki – Game

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