Avatar: The Game Of War

Hey everyone. Here with something fun for you guys. Some of you may know. In my free time I work on AMV (anime music video). Me and my friend andrew or you guys my know him as Bernadette from some of the work he did for JMW back in the day. Me and him has start up a little music video studios. We don’t have a website up yet, But Here the studios YouTube profile. Well I give you my new AMV Avatar: The Game Of War! it is done all by me and took 4ever lol


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Beat Crusaders – Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

I just want to say the Beat Crusaders rock and this little song alot of you may know as the opening to the anime bleach and that song is Beat Crusaders – Tonight, Tonight, Tonight. By the way, is that big ass condom they got on?


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An Cafe – Kakusei Heroism (German)

Yo everyone. Chikara has re-sub An Cafe – Kakusei Heroism into german for you guys. So if you know german or just want to see the kick ass job Chikara did. You can give the video a watch or download here.

Download –VeohYouTube – Yahoo video – MySpace

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Nightmare – the WORLD

Do you know of Death Note? If so and if you watch the anime, you will know today video. I give the opening to the Death Note anime…. the WORLD by Nightmare!

Watch/Download Nightmare – the WORLD

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L’Arc~en~Ciel – Daybreak’s bell

Hey guys long time no see. Your good friend Kusyo is back. I just got done moving. Anyway I am back with a new video but as of right now its only on Youtube and Yahoo video. I don’t know why but on Youtube the time is off not by alot but still. Well Maybe I can get that fix when I get it upload to Veoh. Anywho, Today video is L’Arc~en~Ciel – Daybreak’s bell and you can watch it right here.
Yahoo VideoYoutube

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An Cafe – Ryuusei Rocket (Romaji+English Sub)

O(≧▽≦)O Guys^__^

I subbed the Ryuusei Rocket PV of An Cafe. I had problems with my subbing-programm and so I musted reinstall it and do all the subbing work on Ryuusei Rocket again >-< And so it comes that I also subbed an only english and an german version, which boths comes soon for download on this site^-^

I love that PV*.* That Bunny-ears and the stars…It’s all so cute*O* Miku’s Hotpans are *gg* and Takuya’s mini-solo is soooo greaaaat^O^

here is the downloadlink:

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An Cafe – BondS ~Kyuu~ (German)

Here is the An Cafe Movie with German Sub^-^ Subbed and translated by myself^^ I love that movie so much, because Bou is in there*.* Bou, we miss you so *cry* But we Caffekos are still love An Cafe, because Takuya and Yuuki are so great*O* I the movie I must ever start laughing when Miku say: Huh? xD And the Kanon makes photos of Bou’s legs thing XXD Kanon looks so sweet in that Otaku-outfit*-* He does really love Anime and his name he apopted from the Anime Kanon^^ You must watch that Anime. It’s so great^__^ Ever be


Here the downloadpage:
An Cafe – Kyu ~ BondS ~
YouTube Links Part 1Part 2Part 3

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Yukke’s B-Day^O^

Oh and yesterday was the birthday of the bassist (Yukke) of my favorite group MUCC^-^ Omedetou tanjoubi Yukke^O^

I made him this fanvideo:


and here with German Sub:


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My Livejournal^-^

Hi to everyone^-^ I forgot to say that in my first post xD

I wanna say that from now on you not only can download here our subbed videos^^ I created me a livejournal-site, where I will upload some great CD’s of japanese groups that I got^-^

Go to download to see my livejournal-page =)

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E-Mail-Adress and Myspace for our site^_^

jmusic-world-fansubs-pic.jpgI I made us an own e-mail-address and an myspace, but on the myspace I must do some work, until it is ready^-^

Here is our e-mail: JMusicWorldFansubs@googlemail.com

and here is our myspace: www.myspace.com/jmusicworldfansubs

You can add on our myspace also your interest etc. or you can say it to me. what you want^_^

Oh^^ I sign our myspace with my date of birth, my country etc.^^ I hope that’s okay^^

And I will soon upload my re-subbed Kakusei Heroism German Sub Version and my the German subbed An Cafe movie 😉

I wanted also to ask you whether I also can upload here some of my japanese CDs so that the people can download it?^__^

I made us also a new logo with our favorite groups*.* Let me know, if you want to change that UnsraW pic to the pic I made^^

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