Ya It Sucks

Well just to let you all know that my PC, the one I was using to sub has pass away T_T but i have send it off to get fix but it going to be away for 2 to 3 weeks. so on my end it will take more time to sub and so if you don’t see any releases from me for the next few weeks that is why but I will do what I can but I am using my friend PC and well… it fucking suck… So ya… sorry guys but in do time everything be work out. well Happy new years and talk to you all l8er.

Kusyo ~ Out

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Beat Crusaders – Cum On Feel The Noize

Hey guys. As you can tell I am still working on the site. So if it look ify for a bit that is why. Anyway I got sometime for you guys today. I have subs a new video for you guys. I give you Cum on feel the noize by the Beat Crusaders.


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Okay guys^^

From tomorrow on I’m not at home for a few days, because I’m going firstly to Cologne to the J-Rock Invasion and then I’m going to a friend^-^ but Kusyo will handle it here alone for a few days =D

We will see us again in the next year and watch my Youtube please because I will add there something before I really go, but I don’t have the time to add it here…gomenne guys^-^

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My new Keyboard =D

This is my new Keyboard-Synthesizer I got on Christmas =D I love it so much^O^ It’s really long x,D If you guys know a website where I can download J-Rock songs or other stuff in the midi-filesize then please let me know it 😀

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Merry Xmas

Hi everyone, Kusyo here. I just want to wish you a merry xmas and happy new years. I really hope you all get everything you want like me… hmmmm i love you mine Prison Break DVDs… uh…. ya… moving along uh… As for next year, we got alot of big thing coming up for you guys and alot more video’s . So to next time, I love you all but I still love Prison Break more -_^ just jk.

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Special Cristmas for all European Fans*-*

I got this news from NeoTokyo before a few days =D

That’s a great christmas present from An Cafe and Girugämesh, right*.*


An Cafes first World Tour! Check out the European tour dates!

15.03.2008 Tavastia – Helsinki [FIN]

16.03.2008 Klubben – Stockholm [SWE]

18.03.2008 Markthalle – Hamburg [GER] (there I will be when I get my ticket :D)

19.03.2008 Columbia Club – Berlin [GER]

20.03.2008 Zeche Bochum – Bochum [GER]

22.03.2008 Georg Elser Club – Munich [GER]

23.03.2008 Roxy – Saarbruecken [GER]

24.03.2008 La Locomotive – Paris [FRA]

25.03.2008 CC Club – London [UK]

27.03.2008 Bikini – Barcelona [ESP]

For order tickets:

Helsinki: http://www.tiketti.fi/

Hamburg: http://www.konticket.de/

girugamesh x Wacken 2008!

2008 will be the year of girugamesh! Not only will they tour Europe

in January / February but also perform at the Wacken Open Air 2008!

here the tourdates. I hope there still tickets to buy xD I think I go to Wacken to see them again live 🙂 I can’t go to an concert because of the J-Rock Invasion which cost many many money XXD

girugämesh on tour!

girugämesh will tour europe early next year! The first chance to

experience some of the hit songs from the upcoming album

“girugämesh” (euro release 25.1.08) live!

24.01.08 – Munich / Kleine Elser Halle / http://www.metaltix.com

26.01.08 – Bochum / Zeche / http://www.metaltix.com

27.01.08 – Paris / La Locomotive / http://www.fnac.com

29.01.08 – London / CC Club / http://www.ticketweb.co.uk

31.01.08 – Stockholm / Klubben / http://www.swedenrock.com

02.02.08 – Helsinki / Tavastia / www.tiketti.fi

I wish you all much much fun on that concerts^O^

Only 5 days now and then I will see Alice Nine, SuG, Kra, Kagrra and ScReW live *___*

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Merii Kurisumasu*O*

Merii Kurisumasu to you all^O^

I made this pic and hope you like it =D
Merry Kurisumasu An Cafe
And I also uploaded an Vidoll concert that I want to share with you all*-*
I needed 5 hours to upload it so please download it^__^
Download Vidoll Concert
thats a scan I made from one of my SHOXX’s magazine:
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hide with Spread Beaver (English + German Sub Versions)

hi guys^^ I’m back with a new video that I subbed for hide’s birthday*-* I hope he will watch over us all time^-^ let us light a candle for him so that he live forever^O^ Sorry that I’m so late with posting it, but my internet sucks and I uploaded the video on another account in Youtube^_^

Youtube ~ English
Youtube ~ German
Download ~ English
Download ~ German

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Abingdon Boys School – HOWLING

Back again. Here is one more new video by Chikara. As you can tell she been a busy girl when it come to new video. So plz let her know what you think of the video. Anyway I give to you HOWLING by Abingdon Boys School


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T.M.Revolution – INVOKE

Yo. Got something for you guys today. Chikara has just sub Invoke by T.M.Revolution into English and German for you guys. You all my know Invoke as it was the opening to Gundam seed. You can watch and download the video’s right here. More to come later today.

YoutubeVeoh ~ English
YoutubeVeoh ~ German

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