JMusic Weekly Episode 1

I got something very cool for you guys tonight. Episode one of JMusic World Fansubs Podcast! aka JMusic weekly. I have been thinking about doing a JMusic podcast for some time now. I have ended up with alot of free time on my hands lately, so why not give it a go. So I give to you JMusic Weekly
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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YouTube Is Out For Us

Well I been talking to Chikara and it seem that YouTube is out for us again. Chikara YouTube page has been suspended and she not the only one. I been looking at some more Jmusic fansuber’s and seem some of them have been suspended too. So it seem that the music people over in the land of rising sun seem to be getting a little pissy with youtube again, but don’t worry all of Chikara video’s she done for JMW is still up on JMW Fansubs youtube and on the veoh profile.

Chikara is working on uploading her videos now to her new profile. So if you get time go over to her page and Subscribe to her video’s and just to let you know. every video see subs can all way be find on over profile befor any of the JMW profile, just letting -_^

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Big Update’s

Hey hey everyone. Okay got some updates for you guys and not just about the site. I’ll like all of you to welcome Mana. She going to be helping out on translating. if you want to know more about her, go on over the the About Us page to look at her profile. By the way, me and Chikara’s have updated all the profile. So if you want to know more about us, now you can.

Okay here is the run down on what is new and what have been updated. the “About Us” page as you know. 4 new pages have been added.
English Releases – All the releases we have sub in to English.
Fun Releases – Some “AMV’s and Fan Video’s”
German Releases – All the releases we have sub in to German.
Join Us – Here is where you can see all the opening here at JMW.

Here is some of the thing I have added to the layout.
– Now you can see the last 6 releases.
– The number of video’s we have sub in to English, German or over all.
– Link’s to some cool JMusic and staff site’s.

The only thing I am still working on is the forum. So hope you like all the new stuff and if you got any suggestions or questions, let me know in the comments or you’re more thin welcome to email me at “”

Kusyo – Out

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Beat Crusaders – Ghost

If you can’t tell I am really on a Beat Crusaders kick right now and I don’t know why. Like my last three video been Beat Crusaders but oh well I guess, You guys cool with Beat Crusaders video right? Anyway I give to you Beat Crusaders new single. Ghost By the way good lucky trying to get this song out of your head.


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Nakanomori BAND – Yuki (German)

Come on, let go pay in the snow woot!

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Nakanomori BAND – Yuki

let it snow, let it snow. Funny part is that it was snowing last night here. but anyway. Chikara has sub some more video for you guys. I give to you Yuki (Snow) by Nakanomori BAND. Happy watching and downloading.

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SuG – Scheat

Okay like I said, I am now back with SuG – Scheat in English. Chikara has been a very busy lately, So I will be posting alot of new videos coming really soon guys. So hope you all got your bandwidth ready.


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SuG – Scheat (German)

Okay 1st off I am still working on the site. Now that is out of the way. Chikara has sub a new video for you guys. Scheat by SuG. As of right now only the German sub is up on Veoh but if you want to watch the english sub for the video you will have to go over to YouTube. I will have the english sub up on veoh very soon.


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It Updating Time

Yes it is indeed that time again. It time to get all the pages update and to roll in some of the new stuff that I have been working on the pass few weeks. Lika all way, If the site look a little f**k up you will know why. Just give me a little time to get it all work out and we all be good. Well more update to come.

Kusyo – Out

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hey guys!

I’m also back to work with an very colourful video that I really really like =D


SuG played in cologne on the 29th december you know and I was there and it was so great*O* they only played 4 songs but it was a funny concert x,D Takeru was so sweet*____* he said in German: “Ninja Ninja Naruto ChuChu” and he also said to us that they want to make Harakiri if we don’t come to their next concerts here in Germany *rofl* and we all: YEAH xD that was the cutest thing ever*.* they said in the live interview after their concert that they only want to play concerts in Germany but I hope that they also soon will be playing in america and in other european countrys 😀

so here is the video:
Download English Subbed Version
Download German Subbed Version

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