I am going to be offline

Hey everyone I am moving again so I dont know when I will be back online but i hope sometime soon. talk to you then

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Rentrer en Soi – LAST WORD (English Sub+German Sub)

hey guys πŸ˜€

I’m back with an really beautiful PV which I already subbed long time ago and now re-subbed for you guys ^__^

I love this song so much and I hope they will come back again to Germany =D Because as they was here last year I wasn’t able to see them .__.

I was last time really busy with my website and I also work now. It’s an 1 € per hour work, but important is that I earn anything, right πŸ™‚ I ever must stand up very early in the morning, but I think it will become an habit someday and so it wouldn’t be a probelm anymore^^ I am able to come later to work but then I would earn lesser money and I can’t allow that, because we and especially I need that money for concerts or buying CD’s and clothes and so on =)

Anyway. here is the subbed PV^-^
Download English Version
Download German Version

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L’Arc~en~Ciel – Drink it down “DMC4”

Hey my ppl. got something for you all tonight. You all my not know but I am a big Devil may cry fan and I am a fan of L’Arc~en~Ciel too. and well, The new single Drink It Down, which is set to be released in April 2008, was recorded for use in Devil May Cry 4 ^^ So I can’t help but sub the PV for this. So I give to you L’Arc~en~Ciel: Drink it down.

Download L’Arc~en~Ciel – Drink it down “DMC4”

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Beat Crusaders – I Can See Clearly Now

I know that I’ve have not done a video for along time. name it and it has happen to me. Ice, net getting cut off and so on. But I am back with a new video. I Can See Clearly Now by the Beat Crusaders. I hope this will hold you over to I can get this video thing fix on the site (I’ll still don’t like you YouTube) anyway I give to you Beat Crusaders – I Can See Clearly Now
Download Beat Crusaders – I Can See Clearly Now

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Youtube = No Video’s

Well it look like it happen again. Youtube has kill JMW and my AMV profile. So look like we’re back to Veoh… ya i know it suck for all of you that use Youtube to watch mine and Chikara sub. I’m sorry again but feel free to send your email to YouTube.com.

I do got some good news for everyone that watch the videos online, I am working on setting up a video player that will work on the site and giving every video a page. So when it all done you will find the video, links to where you can download it, Images and a Biography about the band. So as of now all that will be online by the end of the week and if you want to know more about it feel free to PM on the Forum and I will give you all the run of how it all going to work on the next podcast. (Yes it will be a podcast friday).

So back to work and a big f**k you, go out to Youtube

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exist+trace – JUDEA (Romaji+German Sub)

and here is the german version for you guys =D

have fun by downloading and watching this πŸ˜€
Download German Version
Edit: this PV also exist already as spanish sub and so I was able to translate it in english πŸ™‚

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exist+trace – JUDEA (Romaji+English Sub)

hey guys!

this video wasn’t planned to sub, but it happened and I want to share it with you =D

I know the lyrics of it are not thatΒ harmless, but anyway I like the text and the video, too, also when it’s a low-cost video xD

For all you guys who don’t know exist+trace: this is a female Visual Kei group. yeah, believe me, the members of this group are all women πŸ˜€

oh I wanted to sub this, I think, because Miko, the guitarist of them, had birthday on friday =)

Anyway here is the PV. was their first PV πŸ™‚
Download English Version

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Give Me A Few

I am working on adding some to stuff to the layout and it seem to not working right. So give me a few mins to work out alittle HTML here and there and every think will be ok. So if you can come back in a bit I will give you a run down of what new

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buono! – Honto no Jibun (Romaji+German Sub)

and here is the german version πŸ™‚

I need so really long for this video’s again >-< I hope next time it don’t take me that much hours @__@

Anyway it was fun to sub and I’m so happy that this stupid purple line don’t exist in both videos πŸ˜€

Enjoy the cute buono-girls =D
Download German Version

Edit: I’m so sorry that in both videos the sound sucks on one lil part .__.

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buono! – Honto no Jibun (Romaji+English Sub)

Hey Guys!

Here I have a song/PV for you that I really love*.* I love the way they dance in this =D I know there many versions of this PV but I choose this, because I like it the much^_^

For the ones who don’t know: this is the first Ending of my currently favorite Anime Shugo Chara*__* You must watch this Anime, because it’s so funny and cool πŸ˜€ For me that biggest dream it is to become and fashion designer is this Anime really an inspiration because they and especially the main character Amu wears such fashionable clothes πŸ™‚

By the way the opener of this Anime is also a song by buono =)

Anyway I’m blabbering to much xDΒ Here is Honto no Jibun (Your true self) πŸ˜€
Download English Version

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