An Cafe – Cherry Saku Yuuki!! (Romaji+English Sub)

Hey guys! Finally I got finish subbing this PV after many hours xD I’m so Nyappy, because I will see them soon live*___* I so can’t wait*.*

the new album GOKU-TAMA Rock Cafe will release at 14.3. and I think we will hear on the concert some of the other new songs =)

I loove this song  and the PV is so cute =D their outfits are so kawaii*O* Miku’s voice gets better and better and I luv it so much 😀

btw Miku…My cat Miku is now one year old =) happy birthday my lil cute kitty 🙂

Edit: “SUI-HE-LI-BE-BO-KU-NO-FU-NE” is a way to remember the period system 😉

SUI: Hydrogen (H) which is “suiso”
HE: Helium (He)
LI: Lithium (Li)
BE: Beryllium (Be)
BO: Boron (B) which is “Houso”
KU: Carbon (C)
NO: Nitrogen (N) and Oxygen (O)
FU: Fluorine (F) which is “Fusso”
NE: Neon (Ne)

2. Edit: Sine, Cosine and Tangent you should surely know from your math classes 😉

Download English Version


Edit: An Cafe will come to the Fanime Con 2008 in San Jose, California at the 25th May =D If some of you guys live there then don’t miss it 😀

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