Ayabie – Kimi no koe to yakusoku (Ro+Eng+Ger)

heyo guys^-^

I promised you an Ayabie PV, because they will soon coming back to europe again and here it is =D It’s Kimi no koe to yakusoku^-^ an old PV, but it’s my favorite song of Ayabie forever πŸ˜€ btw I have the Virgin Snow Color album and it includes this PV on the DVD which came with the CD πŸ™‚ I brought it months ago in the Neo Tokyo shop in Berlin I think xD

Ah I can’t wait to order my ticket for the show, but I must wait x,D btw the Miyavi-ticket I already ordered and I can’t wait to hold that ticket in my lil hands*-*

Anyway, here is the PV =)

Download English Version

Download German Version

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Tsuchiya Anna – Slap That Naughty Body

Hey guys. Back with a new video and a little update. Well it seem that vodpod is being a little pissy right now and not taking my login info. So to it start working again I can’t upload the New Releases player over there on the right. Just letting you all know.

Well on to the video. Like I said in my last post (I think) that i was going to try to sub all of Tsuchiya Anna PVs and here is one more to add to the list. I give to you, Slap That Naughty Body by Tsuchiya Anna

Download Tsuchiya Anna – Slap That Naughty Body

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miyavi – Hi No Hikari Sae Todokanai Kono Basho De (Romaji+German Sub)

and here is the german version πŸ˜€
Download German Version

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miyavi – Hi No Hikari Sae Todokanai Kono Basho De (Romaji+English Sub)

what’s up guys? πŸ˜€

Me is really looking forward to the Miyavi concert in june here in my country*-* and I’m so happy that I can pay it from the first money I got for my work*.* 58, 80 € I have now ^-^ end of the month I will get my next money I think and then I also can order the ticket for the Ayabie concert in my country..so please wait until then Ayabie, because Miyavi is more important to me because I also can see my friends then again at the miyavi concertΒ =D

anyway here is the video of miyavi I subbed πŸ™‚ Tomorrow I’ll maybe sub an Ayabie PVΒ  =)

Β Download English Version

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Tsuchiya Anna – Somebody Help Me (Live)

Hey guys. Here is some more Tsuchiya Anna, I give to you Somebody Help Me by Tsuchiya Anna. By the why it from the Live show. It seem that she never did a PV to this song or I just can seem to find a raw PV to this.

Download Tsuchiya Anna – Somebody Help Me (Live)

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New Projects

Hey guys. Hope you all having as good Tuesday night like I am. I just won a Magic the Gathering Tournament Woot ^_^ I would going on for some time about that but I don’t thinks any of you want to know about that stuff.

So some big news for you guys tonight. I like to let you all know about 2 New Projects that I am going to be working on for you guys. Tsuchiya Anna PVs and Beat Crusaders PVs. My two fav Jpop/rock singer/bands and I want to try to sub every videos that have been done by them. Don’t worry, if you don’t like them. I will be still working on alot more videos too and then whatever chikara is working on. So befor you ask, No JMW is not coming a Tsuchiya Anna and Beat Crusaders fansite or something of that line

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MUCC – Flight (Live Version) [Kanji+Romaji+English/German Sub]

hey guys =D

here I have finally an re-sub of an song of my favorite group MUCC for you^O^

I decided to sub the live version, because I think it’s pretty cool and it have Kanji-Subs in it πŸ˜€

I sooo love the new Album of them and want to order it when I get my money for my work*O*

I ❀ Tatsu*.*

Anyway here are the videos:
Version with English Subs Downloaden

Version with German Subs Downloaden

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Tsuchiya Anna: Taste My Skin

Hey everyone. Got something alittle old but still a good video. Taste My Skin by Tsuchiya Anna or Anna Tsuchiya, how ever you want to put her name. I am a big fan of her work and her rock pop song and hoping to get some more video by her subed very soon.

Anyway I give to you Tsuchiya Anna Taste My Skin
Download Tsuchiya Anna: Taste My Skin

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Yuki & Miki Fanvideo (abingdon boys school- As One) [English+German Sub]

hey guys πŸ˜€

I have here something special for you^-^ It’s a fanvideo I made about Yuki and Miki subbed in english and german πŸ™‚ Yuki and Miki are both the vocalists of Mix Speaker’s Inc and for me there like twins and so I don’t wanted to part them. therefore I decided to make a fanvideo about boths =) Don’t ya think that together there more cuter and cooler than alone =D Me think so and so I chose the song ‘As One’ by abingdon boys school as song for it and it was more easier to sub this song because the lyrics are all in english^__^ I loove Takanori’s voice and I thought: ‘mhh for a long time now I wanted to make a fanvideo with that song and now I have the best candidats that fits perfectly with that song’Β 

Anyway, here is the video^-^ I made it with all my love for them πŸ˜‰

Β Download Yuki & Miki Fanvideo [Subbed]

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