Veoh Profile Updated

Hey everyone. Just letting you all know that I have got the the Veoh Profile Updated with the last 20 or so videos. So go over there watch some video’s and like alway, Subscribe

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Nana Kitade – Antoinette Blue (Ro+Eng+Ger Sub)

Hi Guys! I’m back with a new video =D

Sorry that it took so long, but my computer was out of work for one week and so I wasn’t able to post anything ._. I gave up my blog “chikarasasianmusicworld” and so the link to it don’t work anymore. Just for informing you all^.^

Anyway, I give you this time the Antoinette Blue PV by Nana Kitade 🙂 I made this because I will see her live at an convention in august^-^ I can’t wait to see her live*_* And next concert for me will be Ayabie at 30.*___* Aoi-Chan, Take-Kun, Yume-Chan, Intetsu and Kenzo please wait for me*O*
I so love this PV, but if you first watch it it’s kinda scary xD Btw this is my favorite song of Nana Kitade =)

Download English Subbed version

Download German Subbed Version

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Vodpod Stop Uploads

Well it seem that now Vodpod will not let anyone upload anymore videos, only link to video from YouTube and what not. So no more vodpod for us anymore but I still think you can watch the videos we got upload befor they stop the uploading. So ya. Sorry guys but I can’t do anything about it.

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Tsuchiya Anna – Change Your Life

Hey guys. Long time no talk. How is everyone doing? I have been super busy. I been working on a new skateboarding video, working on a some new AMV for a up and coming con and been playing alot of GTA4 on the xbox360 >_> by the way if you want to play a game with me sometime feel free to let me know. my gamertag is Gekilong what can I say. I liked Juken Sentai Gekiranger

Anyway got a new video for you guys. Going on with the pass Tsuchiya Anna releases, I’ll give to you Change Your Life by Tsuchiya Anna. Happy downloading guys.
Download Tsuchiya Anna – Change Your Life

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