m-flo loves Emyli and Diggy-mo: Dopamine

Well this video been a year in the work…. okay not really but I all way wanted to sub it and it going to be one of the 1st video that would had came out of JMW but like all way things got in the way and at that time I did not know how to do what I wanted to do with this video. So now that we’re into year two of subing why not have as the 1st release of the year. So I give to you Dopamine by m-flo loves Emyli and Diggy-mo
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Happy Birthday JMWF & Thanks You!

Yes I know this is a day late. I was going to sub something birthday like but ended up not being home all day and having to work some what stop me from getting to do that. but oh well I’ll guess.

Anyway I like to thanks you all for the last pass year. I never knew we would come so fall in a year. 70+ videos in two language, kick off youtube 2 time and veho lol I’ll like to thanks Chikara for all her work. well everyone here to a new year!
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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VAMPS – LOVE ADDICT (English+German)

hey guys!

I’m finally back with a new video 🙂

Sorry that I was absent so long, but my works steals me all my time and my subbing program sucks at the moment for some reason o.o

Anyway the Ayabie concert was great. Especially Yume’s guitar which make sparkle sparkle was so superb*-* and Aoi’s dancing attacks was ever so sweet*.* I touched Aoi’s arm and I will never forget it*__*<3

And on saturday is the Miyavi concert in cologne and I can’t wait to see him again live°.°

Anyway here is the video:

 VAMPS – LOVE ADDICT (English+German Sub)
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I love this song and the video so much°_______° btw VAMPS is a solo project of Hyde and Kaz^-^ I love Hyde so much*O* his voice is one of the best of the whole world<3

EDIT: I HAVE A NEW WEBSITE!!! CHIKARA’S ASIAN MUSIC WORLD IS DOWN NOW!!! my new website is only in german, but anyway here is the link for it: www.nyappy-chikaramiku.piczo.com

feel free to visit my site when you can understand german^-^ I’m in editing it and so it isn’t finish now, but you can look^^

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Coming Soon!

Vodpod videos no longer available.
More info to come

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English Releases Down

The English Releases page is down right now. I got some stuff that I’ll need to fix on that page, Sorry but it will be back up very soon.

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Veoh No More

Yap just like YouTube, Veoh don’t like us anymore and delete JMW profile. I am sorry for everyone that watch Releases on there. I will try to find somewhere good to put videos for all of you that don’t like to wait for stuff to get done downloading.

If any of you know any good stuff for uploading stuff in to flash plz let me know in a comment or by email at kusyo@yahoo.com. well I am off. more video to come very soon. cya

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Download Page’s Updated

Yo, just a little update for you guys tonight. I have re-upload every video’s we have done to mediafire.com. So go over to English Releases, German Releases, and Fun Releases for updated download pages. Happy downloading guys.

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Beat Crusaders – Feel

I am back again but this time with a video. Now that I got my sound card fix and I can get back to subbing, By the way that why I’ll have not done any new videos in a long time sound card pass away on me and I had to get a new one. Anyway on to the video. I’ll give to you Feel by The Beat Crusaders

Download Beat Crusaders – Feel

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Veoh + Copyright = Well You Know

Well it seem japan is getting pissy about some PVs being up on veoh and have been taking some stuff down. So some video has been took down. Sorry guys but I am working on uploading every video to a new host, So you can download every video real soon.

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