English Releases Page Back Up… Somewhat

hey guys just letting you all the that the English Releases page is back up… somewhat. I am still working on getting the page coded up and looking good for you guys but to i can get that done. I have link the page to JMW mediafire page. there u can find all the video’s we have done.

So hope download and I will talk to you all soon.

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M-flo love Melody & Yamamoto Ryohei – Miss You

hey back again with a new M-flo video. I really love this PV and I hope you all do too. So i give to you M-flo love Melody & Yamamoto Ryohei – Miss You

Doenload This PV

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It been along july

hey my ppl. Sorry for not having any updates from me lately, let just say my PC was being a little bitchy and I had no way to get online but I’ll got it all work out now and I am back, So I know it not really a big update or anything but here is a video I made just for fun…. >_>

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