Charlotte – Diamond Busaiku

Hey guys!

I was also away for long time cause I don’t have much time for subbing cause of that schoolish thing. I have to be there until 5pm and that’s really hard. but now it’s time for a…how can I express it in english…hmm…maybe a job-training in an firm. I don’t have one now cause overall I ask they don’t need anyone to help for 4 weeks but I will get one. I really hope so^^ It’s really hard to explain this in english cause in america don’t exist things like that. anyway.

I translated and subbed Diamond Busaiku by Charlotteย ๐Ÿ™‚ย  was sometimes hard to translate but I think it’s good like that ๐Ÿ˜€ I really love this PV and I totally love Charlotte. Did you guys know that they had a concert in Sao Paolo? I was really surprised about it xD But I think so we can hope that they come to europe and also to the north of america soon^__^/ by the way of concerts…I really looking forward to see Dio again and to see LM.C in february*_* and also my beloved Mix Speaker’s Inc wants to come here to Germany and I’m so happy about it*________* I never expected that they would come here xD oh okay I’m babbling again to much xDD So still by the way…Rockstar Taste of Chaos was great but the bands before MUCC only scream around without any meaning and I hate it. So only MUCC was great then but they only played a few songs ._. But I was really happy to see them cause it’s my favorite band*-* oh and exist+trace and Black:List was also really funny and really cool. Black:List surpass my expectations ๐Ÿ˜€ they really rock the house^-^ and exist+trace played my favorite song of them *JUDEA* two times that was so great*O*

anyway. here is the video ๐Ÿ™‚
Download English Version
Download German Version

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JMusic Weekly Coming Back!

Hey guys I got some good news for you. Coming still Friday JMusic Weekly will be coming back online but this time it will not be a video podcast. My cam pass away on me. So starting this Friday JMusic Weekly will be coming a MP3 podcast only to I can get a new cam. So more info to come then. cya

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kirby – LM.C: John

Yes I know what you thinking, That not a real PV. Yes it not but I love Kirby YouTube videos to bad she not on YouTube anymore but if you look you still can find some videos on there. So I give to you kirby – LM.C: John…. PS: Miss you Kirby.

Download This File

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LM.C -John

Yo Yo Yo guys. I am back again. This time with a new music video. It been done the last few days but just now got some time to upload this video. So I give to you LM.C – John

Download This File

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JMW 4.0

Hey guys back again. Sorry for being away for so long. I been working on a house and will let just say it did not go so good but the job is done now. So I am back to work on some cool stuff for you guys. I re-done the site and working on adding some new stuff and I got 2 new videos for you later tonight.

So just hold on and I will be back later with some cool stuff.

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