Bad News

hey guys!

I have some bad news for you. I think I cannot sub anything for a while cause my computer ever break down and so I’m not able to do things that take away one or more hours. I’m so sorry ._. You know I have so many plans in subbing but my pc won’t let me do it. that’s so cruel ;__; maybe I get a new computer on christmas. I hope so >.>

anyway I do my very best^^ maybe he will let me sometime sub something but I dunno o.O My computer is strange @_@

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Back From A2F!

Hey guys I am back from the con. it was sooo cool. it my 1st con and it was everything I was thinking a con was. Don’t worry guys I got alot of pics and videos for you guys. I am working on getting them all off my cam right now. So I will let you know when they’re online but I do got one video online. It is of Great Saiyaman. I had to ask him “what is GREAT JUSTICE?” and here is what I got.

Oh ya for anyone out by Knoxville, TN. this Dec 5-7 I will be at Kajonk-A-Con Right now I am thinking about cosplay as someone from Garo and my roommate is going to be cosplaying as Megaman. So ya let me know if you’re going and we can set up a meeting or something.

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JMW Go To Arkansas Anime Festival!!!

Hey everyone. I am just letting you all know that I am going to be at the Arkansas Anime Festival in Springdale Arkansas this weekend (Nov 8th – 9th) So if you going look me up, I will have a JMusic World Fansubs T-Shirt on. So u can’t miss me. So to everyone that is going, Talk to you soon and I will post a about it when I get back so if you miss out don’t worry.

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Happy Halloween!

Hey guys. I like to wish you all a happy halloween. I’ll hope you all get alot of candy and try to not get to sick from it all. -_^

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