JMW Going To Ani-Rave!

Yo. Just got a little anime con update for you. I am going to be at Ani-Rave this Friday night in Favetteville Arkansas. It only $10 to get in and all the money going to next year A2F anime con. If you want some more info about the rave, head over to So hope to see some of you there.

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Hey guys just letting you know that I got the .com working with the blog. So now you can get here by going to “” But don’t worry, If you got us save in your Bookmarks as .wordpress the link still will work.

Befor I go. I’ll got one more update. I am going to be working on the site later, So like all way if it look alittle f**k up don’t think anything. Well I am off. talk to you all later.

PS: I got a new video at 90% done for you guys.

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An Cafe – My Heart Leaps For “C”

hey guys!

Finally I was able to sub something again. I’m so happy*-*

I tooks many hours because without a mouse it’s difficult to manage with programs xD I must train and maybe I can become quicker with it^^

Anyway I have here the cute new pv by An Cafe for you^-^ I must say thank you miku for this song and I hope it arrives the hearts of all caffekos 😀 I cannot wait to see you again in march and please rest a bit because I don`t want to see you this ill again like last time ._.

Download English Version
Download German Version

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Happy happy Me :)

I have a brandnew laptop with windows xp system and so I can go on subbing videos 😀

It`s a little laptop but that doesn`t matter as long as I can work with it, right 😉

So my next entry will be a new subbed video. look forward to it


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