Some Site Update’s

Hey everyone. I’ll know it seem like I’ll call it quits or something. It’s has been 4ever or it seem like 4ever anyway that I’ll have posted anything. I am back now… somewhat… So don’t worry. I’ll don’t know if you guys know about it or not but down here in Arkansas we got hit really bad with ice and lost power for over two weeks and let just say the house I was living in got into a fight with a tree..

So I’ll ended up having to move and it taking everything i got to make it right now. So at the end of the day I’ll had to cut back on some stuff and one of the thing that got cut was the internet but there is some good news. My brother just got his internet on at his house. So as long as I feel like walking 15 mins to his house I’ll can get online.

So I’ll got the power to post videos again but I’ll may be alittle slow to I can get the internet back on at my house. oh ya about the videos download page, as you may tell I have not got it updated as soon as I was hoping but we here at JMW has join in with “The Not 4Kids Network” to get the videos back online faster.

So I am off for now but here some pics of the ice if you want to see how bad it got here.



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