Still Here & Ready To Kick Some Ass

Hey guys. I’ll got some good news and updates for you guys. Befor I get to anything, JMW still alive don’t worry. I got my work PC back today (Thanks god) I was using a ubuntu linux for the last few weeks but it was not cutting it for video edited and subing. Now that I am right back at home on windows vista, you will see some new videos from me in the next few days.

Just alittle back end site stuff for you guys. I got every video we have done on the FTP server. So more thing likely you will get all new links sometime tomorrow or littler tonight if I get very bored and don’t pass out, (it 12:15am here)

By the way befor I go. I got a new site I am opening up tomorrow on the The Not 4Kids Network. It is a gaming site and right now I am looking for some writers. So if you like to join email me at and the website is well talk to you guys soon. Cya

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