New Website & Name

hey guys just got my password back. The site got hack and I lost it. So I made a new site and rename the group to Extra Play. So for more videos come on over to

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Still Here & Ready To Kick Some Ass

Hey guys. I’ll got some good news and updates for you guys. Befor I get to anything, JMW still alive don’t worry. I got my work PC back today (Thanks god) I was using a ubuntu linux for the last few weeks but it was not cutting it for video edited and subing. Now that I am right back at home on windows vista, you will see some new videos from me in the next few days.

Just alittle back end site stuff for you guys. I got every video we have done on the FTP server. So more thing likely you will get all new links sometime tomorrow or littler tonight if I get very bored and don’t pass out, (it 12:15am here)

By the way befor I go. I got a new site I am opening up tomorrow on the The Not 4Kids Network. It is a gaming site and right now I am looking for some writers. So if you like to join email me at and the website is well talk to you guys soon. Cya

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2 Years Old!!

Hey everyone as you can tell the site has had a very big layout update and do you all know why? It because of all of you. thanks to you guy’s JMW Fansubs is now 2 year old. I never dream we would has made it this long and with over 90 videos later. So thanks all of you and here to the next year and to rocking out!!

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Chikara + Youtube = ANGRY!!!

Just something I want to say real fast too. I just want to go off of what Chikara said in the Last Post. I for one all for you guys uploading the videos but she not. So feel free to upload the videos I’ll do if you want but not the videos she has done and doing.

But just for anyone don’t know all ready. If you looking for JMusic World Fansubs official youtube profile. here it’s is JMusicVideo. That is all for now. Have a good night guys.

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Chikara is back^^

hi to you all^-^ It’s been a long time since I wrote my last post here. I had a lot of work to do, was on many concerts and many funny meetings with my friends, for example our Nyappy Go Around Hamburg Meeting is every month and it’s so much fun. The last time I was cosplaying Miku of An Cafe 🙂 the people loved my wig and they thought it was my real hair xD good thing cause I was working so hard on that cosplay and on the styling of the wig^^
My last concert was girugämesh and it was so awesome*-* the autograph session before the concert was so cute. I hugged them all. They are all so gorgeous<3 a friend of mine get a piece of paper on which ShuU were writing some sentences that he would say at the concert^-^ during the concert he was reading it and then he throw it like trash in the audience and nobody was realizing it. only my friend got it. so stupid story xD

Anyway…I have a important information for you. From now on I will only sub pv’s in german cause of time matters. When you want a english version then just leave a comment under the video.

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Rocking All The Way On Twitter!

Hey guys. Just letting you all know what is going on here again. I got a feeling by now everyone know what Twitter is. So I am not really going to go into it but now you can follow us at JMWFansubs. I will be posting stuff about the site and new videos on there with some stuff that will only see the light of day on Twitter. So what are you waiting for? Go follow us.

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A2F Summer Con

Hey everyone. just letting you all know that I will be at the next A2F this week. “April 25, 2009” so if you want know more info go over to It only going to be a one day con this time but if you are down by Fayetteville, AR come on down. I will be there. So let us all hang out for a bit

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JMW FanSpace beta

I’ll something cool for you guys. I’ll have been working on this for some time now, So I hope you all like it. I give to you JMW FanSpace. You may be asking what the hell this is? well thank of it like MySpace, Facebook and so on but just for us japanese music fans. Just as any Social Network site. you can edit your profile, upload videos, photos, blog and alot more.

So what you waiting for join and start having fun.

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Some Site Update’s

Hey everyone. I’ll know it seem like I’ll call it quits or something. It’s has been 4ever or it seem like 4ever anyway that I’ll have posted anything. I am back now… somewhat… So don’t worry. I’ll don’t know if you guys know about it or not but down here in Arkansas we got hit really bad with ice and lost power for over two weeks and let just say the house I was living in got into a fight with a tree..

So I’ll ended up having to move and it taking everything i got to make it right now. So at the end of the day I’ll had to cut back on some stuff and one of the thing that got cut was the internet but there is some good news. My brother just got his internet on at his house. So as long as I feel like walking 15 mins to his house I’ll can get online.

So I’ll got the power to post videos again but I’ll may be alittle slow to I can get the internet back on at my house. oh ya about the videos download page, as you may tell I have not got it updated as soon as I was hoping but we here at JMW has join in with “The Not 4Kids Network” to get the videos back online faster.

So I am off for now but here some pics of the ice if you want to see how bad it got here.



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Let Try It Again

Hey guys. Got some site updates for you guys. hmm… it seem that I’ll been doing this alot lately…. Anyway, as you can tell I got the new layout up and going. Feel free to let me know what u think about it and I am uploading some videos to the new Youtube profile “JMusicVideos” let just hope we don’t get kick off of there again. So for now here over there and become a subscriber.

I got some more cool stuff coming up, So come back soon.

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