Monkey Majik – Change

So he is the 1st video of year two, “Monkey Majik – Change” Happy downloading guys and see you soon!

Download Monkey Majik – Change

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AAA – That’s Right [German Sub]

Hello 🙂
As promised here is my subbed version of That’s Right by AAA

Download AAA – That’s Right

That's right banner 2

I wrote that Gekiuma Fansubs already subbed this PV in english and that they also subbed the Dorama “Delocious Gakuin” in which this song is used^-^ I love this Drama so much and I want to say thank you to Gekiuma for their hard work and I can’t wait for the 6. episode^-^ keep up your good work 🙂 I want to see more Gekiuma made by the guys^__^/
And here you get the link: Gekiuma Fansubs

I hope you have fun with my video and with Gekiuma Fansubs 😀
see you next time
Chikara (newly called “Chi” from my friends. I write it with the kanji for Blood cause I love the colurs red and black mixed up)

Note: Gekiuma means something like “really delicious”

Note 2: Please Do Not Upload Our Videos Or The Videos You Can Download From Gekiuma Fansubs On Streaming Sites, Cause We Will Do It By Ourselfs. It pissed me of when I find videos I subbed uploaded by another one on youtube or something like that cause the people think that user subbed it and then noone prise my hard work. I CANNOT ALLOW IT AND IT MAKES ME REALLY ANGRY!!!

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Anna Tsuchiya – Virgin Cat

Hey everyone I am back on the ball. I got one more new video for you guys. I’ll give to you Anna Tsuchiya – Virgin Cat.

Download Anna Tsuchiya – Virgin Cat

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Ayumi Hamasaki – Rule

Here something for us Dragon Ball fans… okay not really but still. I give to you Ayumi Hamasaki new single “Rule” for the DBZ movie “DragonBall Evolution

Download Ayumi Hamasaki – Rule

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ACID BLACK CHERRY – 20+∞ Century Boys

Hi guys^-^

wow…it seems to years ago since I post here something^^

I subbed for you the 20+∞ Century Boys pv by ACID BLACK CHERRY 🙂 Yasu is just handsome in this pv*O* by the way today I got my new shoes and they look smillar to the ones the blond one of Yasu’s support band is wearing while they at the stage performing. I love these shoes*.*


Download English Version


Download German Version

here a kiss from Yasu to us^-^


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Olivia – Wish

I’ll know this ended up being along wait but you know how it is this time of the year and the work that needed to be done on the site… uh anyway. Here is video one for 2009 Wish by Olivia.

Download This VideoLink Fix

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kirby – LM.C: John

Yes I know what you thinking, That not a real PV. Yes it not but I love Kirby YouTube videos to bad she not on YouTube anymore but if you look you still can find some videos on there. So I give to you kirby – LM.C: John…. PS: Miss you Kirby.

Download This File

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LM.C -John

Yo Yo Yo guys. I am back again. This time with a new music video. It been done the last few days but just now got some time to upload this video. So I give to you LM.C – John

Download This File

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SuG – Vi-Vi-Vi (English+ German Sub)

so guys 🙂

here I finally subbed Vi-Vi-Vi for you all^_^ I love this PV. Some people say that Takeru’s haircut there isn’t good, but I think it’s so much cute<3 the new PV Butterfly Boy is also really sweet*__* when I find the translation I will definitiv sub it^^ okay the beginning I mustn’t sub cause they don’t speak at the beginning and in the ending^^ It’s just english subs there and so we all can understand it. that’s so cute  =)

Anyway I love the PV vor Vi-VI-Vi cause the idea is so funny xD Masato and Yuji’s playing fanatsy tenis against each other and Chiyu and Mitsuru fighting with that ‘light swords’ you all know from Star Wars and so on. that’s so cool :> and Takeru is playing them that’s so sweet*.*

And here are the downloadlinks 😀

Download English Version

Download German Version

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Beat Crusaders – Winterlong

Yo more Beat Crusaders for you guys. I am very sleep so I am off to bed, Z_Z So i give you Beat Crusaders – Winterlong

Download Beat Crusaders – Winterlong

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