Anna Tsuchiya – Virgin Cat

Hey everyone I am back on the ball. I got one more new video for you guys. I’ll give to you Anna Tsuchiya – Virgin Cat.

Download Anna Tsuchiya – Virgin Cat

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Ayumi Hamasaki – Rule

Here something for us Dragon Ball fans… okay not really but still. I give to you Ayumi Hamasaki new single “Rule” for the DBZ movie “DragonBall Evolution

Download Ayumi Hamasaki – Rule

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Some Site Update’s

Hey everyone. I’ll know it seem like I’ll call it quits or something. It’s has been 4ever or it seem like 4ever anyway that I’ll have posted anything. I am back now… somewhat… So don’t worry. I’ll don’t know if you guys know about it or not but down here in Arkansas we got hit really bad with ice and lost power for over two weeks and let just say the house I was living in got into a fight with a tree..

So I’ll ended up having to move and it taking everything i got to make it right now. So at the end of the day I’ll had to cut back on some stuff and one of the thing that got cut was the internet but there is some good news. My brother just got his internet on at his house. So as long as I feel like walking 15 mins to his house I’ll can get online.

So I’ll got the power to post videos again but I’ll may be alittle slow to I can get the internet back on at my house. oh ya about the videos download page, as you may tell I have not got it updated as soon as I was hoping but we here at JMW has join in with “The Not 4Kids Network” to get the videos back online faster.

So I am off for now but here some pics of the ice if you want to see how bad it got here.



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ACID BLACK CHERRY – 20+∞ Century Boys

Hi guys^-^

wow…it seems to years ago since I post here something^^

I subbed for you the 20+∞ Century Boys pv by ACID BLACK CHERRY 🙂 Yasu is just handsome in this pv*O* by the way today I got my new shoes and they look smillar to the ones the blond one of Yasu’s support band is wearing while they at the stage performing. I love these shoes*.*


Download English Version


Download German Version

here a kiss from Yasu to us^-^


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Olivia – Wish

I’ll know this ended up being along wait but you know how it is this time of the year and the work that needed to be done on the site… uh anyway. Here is video one for 2009 Wish by Olivia.

Download This VideoLink Fix

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Let Try It Again

Hey guys. Got some site updates for you guys. hmm… it seem that I’ll been doing this alot lately…. Anyway, as you can tell I got the new layout up and going. Feel free to let me know what u think about it and I am uploading some videos to the new Youtube profile “JMusicVideos” let just hope we don’t get kick off of there again. So for now here over there and become a subscriber.

I got some more cool stuff coming up, So come back soon.

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Moving Server

Hey guys I am back from the Ani-Rave. I’ll hope you had as good of time as I did for you that was there. anyway a little site news. I am working on moving all the videos and some back end stuff to a new server. So the videos will be offline for the next few days and some of the pages too.

I am sorry but don’t worry they will be back soon. It a new year and a new JMusic World Fansubs! by the way happy new year guys. Let hope it a good one. well talk to you all soon.

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JMW Going To Ani-Rave!

Yo. Just got a little anime con update for you. I am going to be at Ani-Rave this Friday night in Favetteville Arkansas. It only $10 to get in and all the money going to next year A2F anime con. If you want some more info about the rave, head over to So hope to see some of you there.

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Hey guys just letting you know that I got the .com working with the blog. So now you can get here by going to “” But don’t worry, If you got us save in your Bookmarks as .wordpress the link still will work.

Befor I go. I’ll got one more update. I am going to be working on the site later, So like all way if it look alittle f**k up don’t think anything. Well I am off. talk to you all later.

PS: I got a new video at 90% done for you guys.

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An Cafe – My Heart Leaps For “C”

hey guys!

Finally I was able to sub something again. I’m so happy*-*

I tooks many hours because without a mouse it’s difficult to manage with programs xD I must train and maybe I can become quicker with it^^

Anyway I have here the cute new pv by An Cafe for you^-^ I must say thank you miku for this song and I hope it arrives the hearts of all caffekos 😀 I cannot wait to see you again in march and please rest a bit because I don`t want to see you this ill again like last time ._.

Download English Version
Download German Version

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